Time to replace your home roof?

Your home is one of the largest investment you will make in life. It is important to keep your home very well protected. Choosing a roofing company is a very vital step for most homeowners. Your roof is the main protection your house has. If there is any damage or breaks in that barrier, then you will have issues. These issues can range from water damage, foundation damage, and even allow animals to nest in your attic or walls. Make your roof a priority by scheduling professional inspections periodically and being sure to have any and all repairs done immediately. By preserving your roof you are preserving your home as well. Our professional roofing techs at Toronto Roofing Experts can review with you if your home requires a complete new roof or just repairs to put it back in great condition again.

We do it all from shingles, roof buckling, to leaks!

We repair any and all roofing issues like missing shingles, roof buckling, broken shingles, or roof curling or clawing. We also will repair the sealing around pipes and stacks. The vertical wall joints are included as well in sealing fixes. We totally re-secure anything on your roof that may present a problem in the future for you. With our years of experience allows us upon inspection to see problem areas by sight. Thus, we can zero in on these areas quicker for an enhanced analysis to give you the best solution.

Residential Roof Shingles

Eavestroughs Repair

We handle all types of roof materials including asphalt, fiberglass, shingles, cedar shakes, metal, steel, tile, and slate. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with any information if you are wanting to get a new type of roof installed. We can give you the appropriate options for your area in regards with the size of your roof, and any other criteria that would best be suited for the type of materials you are able to select from. If it is time for a change on your roof, we are here to help your choice of the proper and most affordable material available. A lot of these materials come in various colors for a perfect design to flow into your house décor. We can take your ideas and work together to make them possible. Your roof can be another part of the decorative art to complete the ideal look of your home. Almost anything is possible with the right type of material and color of roofing products available. Let our staff be an intricate part of these decisions to be sure your roof will also provide you with the protection and durability you want and expect in your roof.

It’s about the long term…

Long term roof solutions are our focus. Even if you have damage from those pesky critters, we will work with you to resolve the cause and repair the damage. We will consult with professionals in that field to remove any critters, but repairing the damage and keep them from invading your home in the future is totally up to us. With our specialized repair and maintenance service you should never have animal damage to your roof again. We make sure to review all options with you to be sure you are happy and understand the process and cost of each step. Making sure we are on the same path as our customers is a main concern of ours. Customer satisfaction is what has kept us in business all these years with our Toronto customers.

Keep Mr. Winter at bay with a properly installed roof. You need your roof to keep the warmth of the house in and the cold to stay out. Your roof plays an important part of keeping your house cool as well as heated. By losing your coolness or heat from your house will cost you more money in utility bills. So water damage and animal trespassing are not your only concerns for your roof. All things must be considered beside energy leaks like ventilation is very important to keep moisture down and prevent any damage in the future. The whole structure of your house is considered with each and every step in our process of repairs and new installations. With our roof repair services, not only do we save you costs on these repairs, but the savings will pass down through your utility bills as well.

Need a new skylight or eavestroughs? We do those too!

Not only do we handle house roofing repairs and installations, our other services include siding, eavestroughs or gutters, skylights, and leaks of any type that penetrate your outside barrier. These additional services include repairs as well as new installation. To get more information on any of these services, call our very informative customer service team. Any repairs or new installations will always increase and hold the value of your property and make it last for years to come.

When an unexpected situation occurs, don’t panic. We pride ourselves on our emergency service, whether it is during bad weather or just a damage mishap. This can become very stressful and we try to eliminate as much of the stress as possible on our end. With any emergency there is going to be damage and our job is to lessen the damage by a quick response to your initial call. We are ready and standing by with an emergency team to assist and ascertain the situation immediately.

Residential Roofing Skylight

Weather is a big reason for most roof damage and understanding the Toronto weather is part of our solution process. We provide our customers with the materials that are rated for these types of weather conditions. We will discuss thoroughly what choice would be best for your particular roof and home. We look for durability to last in time and the ability to stand up to any harsh weather conditions.

There’s a reason why we’re the #1 Residential  Roofing Company in Toronto!

These are all reasons why you call the professionals for handling all roof service. There are also roofing and building codes that need to be adhered to for safety reasons. We are on top of any and all the codes and community roofing practices. Safety is our number one objective.

We help our customers to feel safe again knowing that their roof is in good hands. Proper maintenance and inspections are the key to a healthy roof.

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